Hopster’s Saturday Club

What is Saturday Club?

Saturday Club is our brilliant new show and app, both of which help develop emotional literacy and empathy in young kids.

Research shows that ‘kids schooled in feelings are smarter, nicer, happier and more resilient than children who are less literate in their Emotion ABCs’ *

So it seems that time spent developing these fundamental ‘softer skills’ is time well spent.

Saturday Club is a show about empathy and emotions

The show, made in collaboration with animation studio Dog Ears, follows four kids as they meet in their den every Saturday to chat about their week.

We see the four friends (Jo, Suzy, Jamie and Tian) – joined by ‘Granda’ – talking about emotions and sharing feelings. They use their imaginations to leap into the lives of other people, and explore how they would feel in their shoes.

The ‘Saturday Club: Empathy’ app helps explore themes in the show

Hopster Saturday Club: Empathy is a collection of exciting new mini-games featuring these familiar characters, to help kids recognise various expressions and related emotions.

Hopster Saturday Club for kids is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Hopster created the app with the support of EmpathyLab, a UK not-for-profit organisation that inspires children to put empathy into action and build real-life empathy skills.

Saturday Club can help develop emotional intelligence in kids

Being able to see things from other perspectives is not an easy skill to develop, especially for young kids. It takes a lot of practice and we think Saturday Club is a great starting point.

It can act as a springboard for putting empathy into action and encouraging our kids to grow up kind, compassionate and tolerant.

Why Hopster made Saturday Club

We are passionate about nurturing kid’s social and emotional literacy skills through our content. A focus on developing empathy skills feels like an obvious next step for us, and Saturday Club is the perfect fit.

Saturday Club teaches you about love, kindness and friendship. And that Grandas are funny but give good advice!”

– a 6-year-old fan of the show