Get ready to explore the all-new Hopster world…

Explore the all-new Hopster

Something magical is happening in the new Hopster world


Three years ago we planted a magic tree. Every month it grew. More leaves sprouted and a whole host of characters moved in and started making friends with kids from all over the world.

This summer, the Hopster world is expanding even further.

We’ve introduced a new scrollable, 360° world with separate areas for shows, games and music. This makes it easier for little adventurers to find their favourite content on every screen.

Why change a good thing?

We’re constantly looking for ways to make Hopster a safe, magical learning environment for kids. So we asked our Parent Panel and Tiny Testers what would improve Hopster for them.

They said all the same great content but more music, more games, made easier to find.

So we decided to introduce a brand new Hopster world built for little hands and big imaginations.

What’s new?

7 new adventure locations

  • Discover over 800 episodes of handpicked TV sSomething magical is happening on Hopsterhows inside the Hopster Volcano including Pingu, Ben & Holly, Thomas and Friends and Arthur* (shows vary by territory)
  • Hop on board the Games Balloon to play our fun and educational games, developed with leading academics in child psychology and based on the EYFS curriculum
  • Personalise the Hopster world. Grow beautiful plants with the Grow game and draw colourful pictures on Hopster Create

All-new content

  • Play our new game Frog Sums which teaches kids how numbers are built. Grab the flies to fill the frog’s belly. Too many and he’ll spit them out, but just the right amount and he’ll celebrate with a musical party
  • Download and store your kids most prized videos in the Treasure Chest to watch offline and on the go, on long journeys and trips abroad

Better for little fingers on all devices:

  • Big, bright, easy-to-tap elements make Hopster easier to navigate on small screens
  • A simpler and clearer interface keeps kids focused and stops them being overloaded  or distracted by too much information
  • Featured shows above the Hopster Volcano mean kids can now find their favourite shows and games quicker

Ready for THE tour?

Here’s Fluffster to show you around!

Fluffster the tour guide