Saturday Club: Episode Guide and Discussion Points

Saturday Club: Season 1 Episode Guide and Discussion Points

After watching Hopster’s Saturday Club with their little ones, parents & carers can use these handy follow up guides in discussions about the show, to continue to foster and grow their empathy.

Ep 1: Grumpy Neighbours

Synopsis: Jamie can’t understand why his neighbour, old Mr. Johnston is so grumpy and why he took his football. Can the gang help him to see things from Mr Johnston’s point of view?

Talking points: 

  • This episode encourages children to think about what respect means and to understand how their seemingly harmless actions might impact someone else.
  • They will also think about how to ‘make -up’ to someone they have upset and the importance of treating others as you would like to be treated.

Questions for discussion:

  • Why was Jamie so angry with Mr Johnson? Have you ever felt like that?
  • How do you think Mr Johnson felt when Jamie broke his greenhouse?
  • Make your face look how Jamie feels at the beginning of the show and then at the end? What words could you use to describe these feelings?
  • When does Jamie realise that he hasn’t been very respectful of Mr Johnson?
  • How do you know that Jamie is really sorry?
  • How do Jamie’s friends help him see things in a different way?

Ep 2: One Small Step for Jo

Synopsis: It takes 6 months for an Astronaut to get to Mars! Jamie, Suzy and Tian would love to have an adventure in space Jo’s not so sure…

Talking points: 

  • This episode gets children to think about what it might be like to go on a journey/trip by themselves.
  • They use their imaginations to help them start to see things from a completely different perspective and gradually the negative aspects become less and less.

Questions for discussion:

  • Why did Jo think it wouldn’t be fun to be an astronaut?
  • How does Jo feel about going in a spaceship by herself?
  • How do the other kids feel about going on a space adventure?
  • How would you feel if you had to go on an adventure to space all by yourself?
  • How do Jo’s friends help her see things in a different way?
  • Make your face like Jo’s was at the beginning of the story and then again at the end. Have her feelings changed?

Ep 3: The Princess Rulebook

Synopsis: Suzy does not like Jo’s princess rulebook at all, there are far too many rules and stereotypes. Suzy decides to throw out the rulebook and do things her way…

Talking points: 

  • This episode encourages kids to think about how they play and interact with other children.
  • It also explores whether there is room for everyone to play regardless of different ideas and opinions.

Questions for discussion:

  • How do you think Suzy is feeling when she says ‘I just don’t get it.  Why are all princesses the same?’
  • How is Suzy different from the other girls?
  • Imagine if you were Suzy, describe what kind of princess you would be?   
  • Make your face like Suzy’s when she is ready to go to the ball. How does she feel?
  • How do the other kids feel when the rule book vanishes?
  • Have you ever felt like you haven’t wanted to play by the rules?
  • Imagine you could be anyone or anything for a day.  What would you choose?

Ep 4: Tian’s Pencils

Synopsis: Tian likes to work by himself in art class, but Granda helps him see the brilliant things you can make when you work as a team…

Talking points: Sometimes it’s good for children to work by themselves to complete something and other times being part of a team is something very special.

Talk about times that your child has been part of a team and how that made them feel. Think about what it means to be a team.

Questions for discussion:

  • Why does Tian not want to join in with his friends?
  • Has there ever been a time when you haven’t wanted to share?
  • Imagine how it might feel if someone doesn’t want to share with you?
  • Why does Tian’s crayon ask the others to help him with his drawing?
  • When the kids all worked as a team how did they feel?
  • Can you think of a time when you worked as part of a team? What was great about it?

Ep 5: Little Birdie Caw Caw

Synopsis: Tian has a new pet beetle, Ringo, but Ringo doesn’t seem too happy. Granda tells them the heartwarming story of his first pet, Little Birdie Caw Caw, who flew away to be with her friends.

Talking points: 

  • This episode can be used to talk about the differences between domestic pets and animals found in their natural habitats.
  • It also encourages kids to explore the idea of saying goodbye to something that they love and how important it is to be kind to animals.

Questions for discussion:

  • Imagine you are Ringo.  How do you feel about being stuck in the jar?
  • Why do you think Granda looked after Birdie Caw Caw?
  • How do you think Granda was feeling when he was waiting for Birdie Caw Caw to wake?
  • Make your face like Grandas when Birdie Caw Caw woke up? Can you describe your feeling?
  • How do you think Birdie Caw Caw felt when he was leaving Granda?
  • Have you ever said goodbye to something or someone you loved?  How did you feel?
  • What did Tian decide to do with Ringo after he heard the story about Birdie Caw Caw?

Ep 6: Noisy Babies

Synopsis: Jo loves her baby doll, but babies are so noisy and keep the gang awake at night! When you think about it, maybe being a baby isn’t so easy after all…

Talking points:

  • Ask your child if they can remember what it was like to be a baby.
  • Can they imagine how hard it must be to communicate without the power of words. 
  • Talk about the importance of facial expressions when trying to get what you want.
  • Play a game where they have to make different faces to represent emotions they’re feeling.

Questions for discussion:

  • Why do the children cover up their ears?
  • How are the children feeling when they cover their ears up?
  • How does Jo help the other kids see things from the babies viewpoint?
  • Make your face like Tian’s when he can’t reach the Teddy. How does he feel?
  • The babies are not very happy when they are out for their walk. How do you know?
  • Babies can’t talk so how do you think they communicate with grownups?
  • In the end the kids realise that being a baby isn’t so easy. How do you think the gang will behave next time they meet a noisy baby?