Top tips on teaching young children about friendship

Our Hopster theme this month celebrates friendship. It is important to develop children’s social and emotional skills, and learning about friendship is the perfect way to do this.

Top tips for teaching kids about friendship

  • Talk about what qualities a good friend might have.  A good friend is someone who is… kind, helpful, caring, welcoming, takes turns, shares.
  • Explore what good friends do for us.  A good friend cheers us up, looks out for us, is a good listener, is fun to be with, is kind, shares with us.
  • Read books about friendship together.  Check out the Pip and Posy series of stories by Axel Scheffler, which explore tricky everyday situations that occur between best friends. Also see The Elephant and Piggy series by Mo Willems, and the classic, The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfeister which explores concepts like sharing and uniqueness.
  • Role play tough friendship situations at home. Sometimes kids can find themselves in situations where they’re not sure how to behave. Help them figure out how they would deal with these scenarios in a positive way.
  • Set a good example by being a good friend yourself – and model friendly behaviour.
  • Give them lots of opportunities to practice being a good friend.  Remember play date squabbles over toys is all part of kids learning to be a good friend.

5 easy ways to make a friend (by a 5 year old)

  1.  Smile and be friendly
  2.  Just ask someone to play
  3.  Take turns and share
  4.  Always include someone who is alone
  5.  Introduce yourself and remember to ask their name too

Friendship on Hopster

On Hopster we have loads of great shows* which explore friendship, and will teach your kids the all important life skills they need for making and keeping friends.

Hopster shows about friendship

Rita and Crocodile: This show is about a girl called Rita and her very hungry friend, Crocodile, who lives in the bathtub. Together they’re able to go everywhere and live funny and cute adventures in a humorous and imaginative way.

Ben and Holly: Young fairy princess Holly and her best friend, Ben Elf, live in Little Kingdom, a tiny land where flowers and grass grow above the tallest towers. Being a princess, Holly has magical powers, but her attempts at magic often end up causing mayhem for her and her friend.

Peg + Cat: This show not only teaches kids about the power of teamwork but also builds calculation skills too as Peg and her friend cat encounter unexpected challenges that require arithmetic and problem-solving skills. Each episode features two stories in which Peg and Cat face a math word problem that they must solve together.

Sesame Street Best Friends: In this mini series well-known sesame friends pair up and explore lots of friendship concepts which mirror real-life situations. These episodes teach kids how to be a good friend and the value of kindness.

Hopster Games

SHARE: Our SHARE game helps children learn how to interact positively and appropriately with others. It is a great starting point for introducing the skills of sharing and turn-taking to little ones as well as encouraging children to think about their own emotional expressions. In this game, Fluffster’s friends want to join Fluffster in bouncing on the trampoline drum. The player must choose who should bounce next to keep them all happy but must pay attention to who’s looking the most left out and try to share the fun equally.

Key learning skills:

✅ Understand how they and others show feelings

✅ Can play cooperatively, taking turns with others

✅ Show sensitivity to others’ needs and feelings

Friendship makes our Hopster world go round.  We hope you and your littlies have got lots of ideas for exploring friendship and are ready to go out there and make some friends.


*Hopster content can differ across territories