Hopster’s Discovery Learning Map: Expressing yourself through the arts

This area of our Discovery Learning Map encourages children to express themselves through any creative activity – be it art, crafts, music, singing, dancing, role play, imaginary play… the list goes on. At this stage of development it is important for young children to have lots of creative opportunities to help them learn to express themselves in their own unique ways.

Why is self-expression important to young children?

Long before kids have the vocabulary to tell us how they feel or what they are thinking, they are able to show us through movement, art, music and perhaps most important of all imaginative play.

Nurturing young children’s ability to be creative leads to greater self-confidence and self-awareness as well as improved communication and emotional skills. Just think of the last time your child proudly presented you with their finished piece of art. How special do they feel? How confident are they? How did they describe it?

How Hopster can help develop kids self-expression

Hopster is an imaginative, digital playground which engages children in spontaneous, self-directed play. As they interact they will have opportunities to try out new ideas and new ways of thinking and problem solving.

They can choose to watch lively shows to inspire arts and crafts projects, or even have a go at creating their own masterpiece using the Create tool. They can hop over to the music area that includes original Hopster music as well as well known lullabies and nursery rhymes where they can sing along and move to.

All of this content works together to develop kids self-expression and creativity in a magical way.

Which Hopster Shows?

We have lots of shows that fit within ‘expressing yourself through the arts’. Here are some of our favourites…

  1. Backyardigans: ​This show follows the adventures of five good friends who sing and dance as they go on imaginative adventures to new magical places. The show encourages children’s creativity and imagination and teaches them how to solve problems effectively.
  2. Box yourself minis: ​is a super fun craft show that teaches kids how to make beautiful objects out of cardboard, boxes, toilet rolls and anything else lying around. The show is packed with great upcycling ideas and encourages kids to be creative, artistic and imaginative.
  3. Louie:​ Join Louie and his ladybird friend, Yoko, as they teach children how to draw something new in each episode. These easy-to-follow tutorials can be enjoyed by little and big alike, and are great to get kids’ imaginations going and encourage creativity.
  4. Wonderballs:​ This is a colourful and fun show that uses art and music to get children’s imaginations going. Each Wonderball has a different skill, be it painting, blowing bubbles or making music, but it is when they combine these skills that wonderful things happen! The series introduces kids to a variety of art techniques and classical music.

Which Hopster Games?

Bubble Beat ​is a magical underwater music game that helps kids learn to play simple tunes, play back a series of notes from popular nursery rhymes and develop their “inner hearing”. It uses the solfage technique to introduce kids to the concept of pitch and the relationships between notes in the diatonic scale. There’s also a free play option so they can have a go at creating their own pieces.

Create​ helps little ones express themselves by creating their own works of art. Young artists can experiment with various textures, colours and lines and then even animate their drawings with a magic wand. They can grow hair or grass on their masterpieces, and then see it grow and sway on the canvas. With the Photo Booth tool, kids can snap pictures and then see them come to life as a dinosaur or an astronaut.

Photo Booth​ ​encourages children to experiment with photography. The Photo Booth includes lots of different costumes – such as astronauts and pirates – so they can snap pictures and watch themselves come to life. Engaging young children’s imagination in this way encourages role-play and expands their own ideas.

All of this creative content is designed to help develop kids self-expression as well as acknowledge and celebrate children’s uniqueness and diversity. Mapping all our content against our Discovery Learning Map means that we can ensure we are hitting the key areas within early childhood development and makes sure that while interacting with Hopster, kids will only ever engage with content that is positively nurturing to their development.