Why ‘Exploring Space’ – our new themed area – is so important

This month at Hopster we have an exciting new themed area called ‘Exploring Space’. We want to get kids interested in everything to do with Space; from astronauts, planets, the moon, to stars, rockets, aliens…. and more!

Why a Space theme?

We want our ‘Hopsternauts’ to love learning and be curious to explore the world around them so we try to pick themes they’re interested in or introduce them to something new. Space science is such a fascinating topic that enthrals kids and ignites their imagination in so many creative ways. I mean, who hasn’t built a rocket out of a box? Or created their own alien? Also, what’s really great is that kids learning about space means they are already engaging with STEM play and learning from the very beginning.

What is STEM? Or Why is STEM important?

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. STEM learning is important from an early age; it develops critical thinking, creativity and problem solving skills. Whether it’s cooking, gardening, junk modelling, stacking blocks or playing with sand and water; this is hands on interactive STEM play and is a great way to foster kids innate curiosity and help them develop as scientific thinkers. Research shows that girls in particular are turned off these subjects from a young age; at Hopster we want to encourage all kids to try different things and expose them to early experiences in STEM subjects. Hopefully by getting kids interested in topics like Space we can do our bit to ignite a passion for science and lay foundations for STEM learning in later years regardless of gender.

3,2,1…. Blast of with our Space content



This unique show explores space from the perspective of a child, through a series of surprising and creative videos sprinkled with scientific facts. In YOUniverse children describe their perfect planet, star or thing to do in space. The show mixes beautiful visuals with scientific facts to get kids excited about space and inspire their sense of wonder.

Little Malabar

Explore the universe with Little Malabar, a curious little boy who travels in space and teaches kids about oceans, mountains, planets and stars. Focused on science and astronomy; the show will help children discover the great natural elements surrounding us and encourage them to ask questions and think about what else is out there.

Wanda and the Alien

Wanda and the Alien

Follow the adventures of a rabbit named Wanda and her alien friend from outer space. The show explores the themes of friendship and accepting each other’s differences as well as a gentle introduction into the theme of space.

StoryBots Space Songs


Learn about the solar system and more with the StoryBots learning videos and songs. These songs are super catchy and include lots of fascinating facts and fun animations of key concepts.

And finally…

Have you spotted the extra special guest in our Exploring Space theme? He blasted into space earlier this month, and now he’s drifting through our app. 😉