Happy Grown ups = Happy Kids

LogoThis year, the focus is not on only healthy, happy tots but the fantastic adults making sure they stay that way. Find out more.

At Hopster we’ve got your back. For all you wonderful, time-pushed parents and teachers, we’ve put together a list of tips and resources to keep you and your kids feeling on top of the world.

When you’re struggling to eat HEALTHilY

fussy 2 round

Preparing and finding ideas for healthy and yummy meals when you’re working long hours or struggling with a screaming toddler can feel near impossible. We love Mum of two’s blog, My Fussy Eater for fun and colourful ideas, BBC Good Food for comforting batch cooking and ready-in-under-20-minute recipes. And, if you’re still stuck for inspiration, try the Change for Life downloadable Meal Mixer.

When you Need to GET MOVING

buggy roundedThere are tons of fantastic exercise classes around the UK for parents and carers from Yoga classes and buggy-pushing power walking to pre and post-natal swimming classes. For busy teachers, try building exercise into your commute with the Run Commuter, cycle to work or try getting involved with assistant coaching one of the sports teams at school. Getting moving will boost your endorphine levels and help you meet other people in the same boat.


If you can get them to sit still...

With an endless to-do list and a screaming toddler summoning, it’s tricky finding some time to wind down. It’s for their benefit as well as yours that you try to find some time to breath; kids pick up on it when you’re feeling stressed and anxious and it can have a significant negative impact on their learning and later development. If you need someone to talk to, there are support groups around the UK to help. Headspace is also a useful tool; the meditation app helps you schedule 10 minutes of calm into your day.


At Hopster we work with leading academics in childhood education to develop content that ensures your kids are playing and learning in a secure, ad-free environment. All our content ties in with our Early Years curriculum that supports kids’ personal, social and emotional development as well as improving their literacy, numerical and problem solving skills. Plus it’s all KidSafe and COPPA certified so you can make sure that your kids are only interacting with the good stuff.