Oh hi there, Hopster on EE TV!

Say hello to Hopster on EE TV!

At the end of last month, we announced that we were rolling out Hopster to the biggest screen in the family home, starting with our lovely friends at Freesat.

We’re hard at work to expand our availability further, and are happy to say we’re now available on the brand new EE TV box. *claxons*

How do I find Hopster on EE TV?

Hopster on EE TVIf you’re one of the lucky first customers of the EE TV box (it’s been getting great reviews, y’know), you can find Hopster in the on-demand menu. Here’s what this looks like. You might have to select “More Apps” to find us.

As always, you can watch a great selection of free episodes every single day. We update these every single day, so there’s always something new to discover. If you want to give the full line-up a go, we’ve got a special offer running for this launch: get 14 days free when you sign up through EE!

How do I get my EE TV trial?

To get your Hopster on EE TV trial, head to the Grown-ups area of your Hopster TV app, select PAIR NOW and note down the pairing code you see on your screen. Then head to hopster.tv/ee and sign up with your shiny new pairing code.

Your extended trial will automatically be applied, and you won’t be charged until your trial is over (or never, if you cancel beforehand – no strings attached).

Fluffster - Hopster characterAfter the trial, full membership of Club Hopster is just £3.99/month and gives you access to Hopster on all available devices! That’s iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Freetime by Freesat, EE TV, and more to come very soon.

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