Roll up, roll up, an all new Hopster is out!

It’s a big update, with new characters, loads more space around our tree for them to play, a whole new music show and a new level added to our game.

If you’ve had a play with the new app, and can spare a moment, we would be eternally grateful for your feedback. We’ve built a short survey, would you mind answering our questions?

The Hopster Tree is growing

Caspar BabypantsFirst and foremost, we’ve gone from a single branch worth of content to an entire tree! This can only mean one thing: we’ve got a lot more new space and we’re going to be filling that with delightful new content over the coming weeks. We’ve already added the fantastic new Caspar BabyPants to Hopster TV. Look for the ladybugs playing the guitar and let us know your thoughts!

A Game Time update – introducing Letters

At Hopster, our mission is to make screen time better for your kids. We combine the best kids TV with fun learning games which match the content they’re watching. So if your toddler just watched an episode of Louie about drawing a rocket, the game after the episode will feature a rocket to teach them about the letter R.

Hopster Trace GameAs part of this update, we have renamed Game Time to Letters (because that’s what the learning in these games is all about) and given it a beautiful new lick of paint. What’s more, we’ve added a whole new level: Trace! In this game, your kid gets to trace the letter to finish off the series of 4 mini games all about the letter.

Knock, knock. Who’s there? It’s a secret!

Psst! Scroll down to the bottom of the tree – can you see the secret door? Give it a knock! There’s currently no one in but, between me and you, we’ve got a special guest coming very soon and believe me, you don’t want to miss it.

Introducing the Yoots

Now that we’ve got this big tree in Hopster, there’s a lot more space for our family of characters to play around in. Launch the app and have a look around, can you spot anyone new?

yoots-newNot only will you see the old guard (Fluffster, Sir Bagster, Birdee, and Solana the Sun), but a whole new family of characters called “The Yoots”. Can you find them all? Give them a tap, see how they react, and let us know which one’s your favourite! Personally, I love Bean Dude who sits next to the Hopster logo and has some crazy moves…

Sock it to us

Wow, you made it all the way down here. High five! We hope you enjoy the new app as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. It’s a big change, and we’re even more interested than usual in hearing your thoughts. Once again, if you can spare a moment…

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