The importance of introducing kids to science early

Hopster has lots of great shows to engage budding young scientists and further develop scientific thinking.

Why Science?

‘For young children science is finding out about the everyday world that surrounds them. This is exactly what they are interested in doing, all day, every day.’
Kathleen Conezio, MS and Lucia French, PhD

This quote sums up the importance of science for very young children; for them it is their everyday hands-on play.

Kids are continually immersed in science. They discover all sorts of new and different things about the world around them, how things work, and about themselves and others. These types of discoveries are science in a very real way.

Science is Everywhere
Kids are naturally curious and love to explore and discover through their play, whether digging in the soil, building with blocks, or painting.

That’s the great thing about science, it doesn’t require any planning. It’s just about involving your kids in the day to day tasks. Without realising it these are the perfect hands-on opportunities for developing scientific skills.

Science is:

  • Cooking dinner: When your little one wants to help, weighing the ingredients, mixing them, and then observes what changes happen when cooked.
  • Gardening: They help you plant seeds and question what they need to grow. Or they can dig in the garden for worms, discovering new creatures and learning about their habitats.
  • Bath time: When they spend so long playing in the bath that they want to know why their skin is all wrinkled, and they’ve spent ages pouring water from one container into another.

These simple ways – and many more – allow children to be immersed in science. Time to be creative, take risks and make new discoveries

How Hopster can help kids explore Science

We have some great shows for your kids to enjoy, and nurture those scientific minds.


This show follows the adventures – and misadventures – of an energetic fun-loving girl who uses technology & science to help solve problems, and explore the world around her with her friends and her dog, Scratch.

Earth to Luna

Luna is an imaginative kid who is passionate about science and nature. With her little brother Jupiter and pet ferret Clive by her side, she learns more about what things are, and why and how scientific actions take place.


The Storybots are curious little creatures who go on lots of fun science adventures. Together they find out lots of new things and make sense of the world around them.

Sid the Science Kid

Sid is a fun-loving little boy who shows us that science is all around us and that we can make our own discoveries and experiments in the everyday.

Messy goes to OKIDO

Messy is a lovable and inquisitive monster who goes on exciting journeys with his friends to Okido to find answers to lots of big science questions e.g. Why do some things float and some things sink?

We hope your little ones have fun watching our science shows and maybe it will inspire them to find the answers to their BIG science questions too!

*Some shows not available in certain countries