4 top treasure hunts kids will love

4 top treasure hunts kids will love

For a final half term treat why not try a treasure hunt?

Finding games and treasure hunts are great for your kids’ problem solving skills, for improving their gross motor skills (crawling, running and jumping) and for teaching them to follow step-by-step instructions.

We’ve come up with the best 4 finding activities for you and your little ones to try.

Uniqua, Austin, Pablo and Tyrone whisk your tots away on a pirate adventure (episode 3, series 1). Together they’ll cross the sea singing sea shanties on the hunt for hidden treasure. They’ll have to work together along the way.to overcome a few slippery challenges- and some even slipperier logs!

‘ARGH’ you ready?

Join the Backyardigans on their hunt for treasure

2. Set up your own treasure hunt

Draw a map of your house or garden, write and draw clues and bury something small where ‘X’ marks the spot. Try numbered, colour-themed or rhyming treasure hunts for an extra learning challenge.

Want more themed treasure hunt ideas

Little pirates love treasure hunts

3. Search for secret spots and hidden treasure with the National Trust

Discover secret caves concealed by waterfalls and underground passageways hidden behind bookcases. For a high-tech challenge for the whole family to enjoy, try geocaching. Geocachers use maps and GPS devices to search for treasures hidden by past explorers.

Find your nearest secret site

You can find natural treasure hunts all over the UK
4.Help Fluffster Find his way around the maze

Fluffster needs your little one’s help finding the correct objects in the maze. Kids practice their fine motor skills and learn to listen and distinguish between objects based on Fluffster’s instructions. Find them all and be rewarded by a fun, musical celebration with all the Hopster gang.

Fluffster's hunts for treasure with the Find game