The Gruffalo & The Gruffalo’s Child is back on Hopster!

If you were with us this time last year, you will probably remember that last summer we had The Gruffalo visit Hopster for the very first time, and because we just love it so much, we’ve decided to bring it back for the second time. The response last summer was so positive and it resulted in many, many happy kids everywhere, so how could we miss up on an opportunity for such an impact again? 🙂

The Gruffalo Pop Up

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Not only would you get access to ‘The Gruffalo’ and ‘The Gruffalo’s Child’ for the whole of the summer period, you’ll also be able to delight your little munchkins with a huge variety of shows which include some of the favourites: Ben & Holly, SuperWhy, Humf, Pingu, Postman Pat and many more!


Gruffalo film still

Food for thought for you lovely parents

One of the reasons we love having ‘The Gruffalo’ exclusively on Hopster is because of the beautiful animations, the magical storytelling and the enchanting rhyming. It also spurs the child’s imagination into delving into the fantastical world of the mouse, his journey and the characters he meets along the way.

This fits in nicely with our ‘My World’ curriculum which is all about exploration, seeing new places and experiencing different cultures, different smells and sounds. It also ties in with the ‘Basic Academics’ aspect with the way the story is told through rhyme.


Let’s get creative and make it yummy!

Have a go with your wee ones at making some Gruffalo inspired snacks! You could try:

  • The Gruffaloaf (toast with some yummy decorations)

  • Gruffalo (apple) crumble

  • A party snack selection of orange eyes, roasted fox sandwiches, poisonous wart cupcakes, scrambled snake sweetie jars

  • A fruit inspired slithery snake

Here’s some visual inspiration for you

Gruffalo Snacks

Credit to: the gingerbread mum (above)

Molly's gruffalo party

Credit to: (above)

Gruffalo food

Once you make your treats, take a photo and share it with us on our social media pages!

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