Completing the curriculum with creativity

Did you know that everything on Hopster is selected against a curriculum we developed with some of the best childhood development experts in the world? If you didn’t know, you do now! For this curriculum, we looked at lots of international frameworks and identified four key areas that are important for early childhood development, wherever you are. Different countries might value things slightly differently, but these areas are always represented. Find out more about our curriculum.

How games fit into the Hopster curriculum

All of our games focus on one of the four curriculum areas – and Create completes the line-up by helping kids learn all about self-expression and creativity. This is a big part of growing up, and art is one of the key ways kids learn what they’re all about.

Hopster Create

How it works, and all about Draw and Trace

Hopster Create is all about inspiring your kids’ creativity through the shows they love.

They can start the tool by either tapping the easel , any of the papers on the washing line, by visiting the treehouse or after watching any episode of Louie and Learn to Draw. For these creativity-based shows, Create serves as the game they get to play between episodes (yep, we replace ads with learning games – pretty neat, right?).

IMG_0211.PNGOnce they’re in, there are two modes: Draw and Trace.

  1. In Draw mode, your kids are given a blank piece of “paper”.
  2. In Trace mode, they can trace a scene from one of our creativity-based shows.

While some kids will love the freedom of Draw, it can often be intimidating to start drawing when there’s nothing on the page. That’s probably why drawing fake moustaches on people in newspapers is so much fun – and so easy to do. With Trace, we take characters and scenes from your kids’ favourite shows to offer them a spark of inspiration to get going.

Managing their creations: Saving drawings and the Washing Line

When your little one is done, they can save their creation to your device’s photo gallery. From there on out, the world’s your oyster. Print the image and stick it on your fridge, share it with family and friends via email, post it on Facebook, get it printed on a mug – it’s totally up to you!

Save to your photos!

What’s more, the new masterpiece will also get a special showcase on the Washing Line. This washing line is hung up in your kid’s Hopster, and houses all their masterpieces for the world to admire.

It’s not just pretty to look at. If your kids ever want to go back and add to a previous drawing they’ve made, they can simply tap the painting on the line and go from there. When they’re done, they can save the photo, see it on the washing line… rinse repeat until all that creativity makes their ears fall off.

We hope you all have as much fun creating as we have had making it! Make our day by posting your kids’ creations on our Facebook page or on Twitter #GetCreative?