Check out these funny Mother’s Day Videos!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day where we celebrate mums and let them know how much we appreciate them! It can be hard work being a mother, and they don’t always get the gratitude they deserve. Therefore, we have selected the best mother’s day videos, by mums and for mums, to make sure that they are reminded of how great they are.

Motherhood is the #WorldsToughestJob

Most of us will agree that being a mother is probably hard work, but until you have been there yourself, you have nooo idea what this really entails. As this first video here shows, being a mum really is The Worlds Toughest Job!

Mum and Kid singing Frozen together

..But it can also be a lot of fun. Especially when your daughter talks you into recording a video of you and her lip-syncing to the Frozen soundtrack, posting it on youtube, video goes viral, and next thing you’re on the Ellen Degeneres show!

Why co-sleeping is no sleeping

Until you become a mother, you do not realise how precious your free time is. You may just be looking for the tiiiniest afternoon nap, but this will rarely come without at least a little bit of hair-yanking, eye-poking and baby drool.

Open Letter to Mums from Kid President

But the most important thing to remember is that although we do not always show it, we all do think that mums are the best. Kid President here speaks for us all in his Open Letter to Mums:

Happy Mother’s Day from all at Hopster HQ!