Hopster favourites: Dean loves Louie

Louie kids drawing cartoon“Drawing can be fun, let me show you how it’s done” is not my extremely big-headed twitter bio (#regrets) – it’s actually a line taken from the theme tune of the brutally cute Louie – my favourite TV show currently available on Hopster.

As Designer at Hopster, and a general admirer of most things artistic, I’m not surprised I’ve fallen in love with something like Louie. And despite being surrounded by an array of exceptional preschool content on a day-to-day basis, Louie speaks to me directly.

A TV show all about creativity – what’s not to love!

The show’s premise is a simple one. Louie and best friend Yoko encounter a unique problem and they solve it the only way a rabbit and a ladybird know how – through the magical powers of drawing!

The episodes are no more than seven minutes long, but within that short time the show touches upon important themes – themes, in my opinion, that are imperative when crafting a well-rounded and enchanting TV kids show.

Whenever I tune in (which is often), I can always rely on Louie to be…

…educational and stimulating

Louie creativity TV showAs well as carefully demonstrating how to illustrate the episode’s object in a few easy steps, Louie still finds room to elaborate on the properties of that object and evaluate its purpose within context. No matter the object – pirate or pigeon – an opportunity always presents itself to learn something new.

…thoughtful, kind and sweet

From its beautifully-crafted melody that plays at the start, to the way the pair wave at the viewer and say “See you soon then, friends” at the very end, Louie is utterly charming. Sometimes, it takes a while to note all of its niceties. It wasn’t until recently that I realised Louie and Yoko share the responsibility of drawing within each episode. Patiently taking it in turns to complete their picture is an exercise in collaboration which a viewer of any age can identify with and hopefully be inspired by.

…visually engaging

Draw me a picture LouieLouie has an innocence in its textures, and the playfulness of its pallet complements its mellowness. The drawings within the cartoon are simple yet lovely, but when they magically spring to life (especially the wonderfully voiced animals) Louie certainly comes into its brilliant own.

I could go on about the way I feel about Louie, but, since being a part of Hopster, you could say I’ve been *drawn* to Louie in a big way. Arf.

“See you soon then friends”.

Will you be *drawn* to Louie too? Download Hopster now and find out!