Hopster Shows

The short answer is we are not reinventing the wheel! We’re acquiring the best of the best content in the market that we know our audience loves. You’ll find many of our shows are BAFTA, EMMY, and Annecy award-winners.

We ensure that every piece of content has strong developmental themes that align with the Hopster curriculum.

We draw out all the enriching and lovely themes that are so much apart of good pre-school TV. By reinforcing something a child has just seen with a learning game, we hope to use only the most well-loved shows to make screen time more active.

It is so important that a child is never exposed to anything on Hopster that isn’t good for them – and we go one step further to make sure it’s actually really good for them!

So, our criteria: Does it have developmental value? Is it beautiful? Do they love it? Do we love it? DONE.

You can feel assured that all of our shows are non-violent and will never be seen in the same place as shows meant for older kids or adults. We love and trust our shows so you can do the same.

If there’s a show out there that you love and would like to see on Hopster, please let us know!